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Student-Alumni Connections

Alumni Mock Interviews

To kick off a new year and kickstart careers, MBA Career Connections encourages Rady alumni to "mock-interview" current MBA students to help prepare them for interviews. The students appreciate alumni involvement in this annual event, as they find it to be a significant factor in their career-development process.

A Rady MBA '11 interviewee commented, "This experience was much more valuable than I expected it to be. My major takeaway was that we are no longer playing ‘minor league ball,' and that [there's a huge] amount of preparation that must go into landing a solid opportunity. [The] interview process was both humbling and motivating."

Rady @ Work with Alumni

MBA Career Connections invites MBA alumni to participate in our Rady @ Work group sessions with four to eight full-time second-year students. As these students begin to prepare for their transition from Rady toward their new careers, alumni have the opportunity to share their thoughts and wisdom on how to make a smooth and successful segue into the workplace. Alumni feedback is extremely beneficial for students who are still seeking employment or who have already secured an offer. No matter what the current students' circumstances are, input from alumni who have "been there" is always appreciated.

Pitch-fest Before Oktoberfest

MBA Career Connections developed the Pitch-fest event as a result of feedback from Rady MBAs who returned from fall national conferences and career fairs. Students realized how crucial their "pitch," or ability to introduce themselves to corporate partners and other professionals, is in terms of securing employment. They also acknowledged that "practice does indeed make perfect." Thus, the idea of a "Pitch-fest Before Oktoberfest" was born!

Pitch-fest is an informal event that allows Rady MBA students to have five minutes of an alum's time to practice their pitching skills, and then receive instant feedback. The students value alumni time and input enormously, and are open to any advice that is offered. Once students have had a chance to refine their pitches, all concerned can enjoy the annual Rady Oktoberfest — a wonderful evening of networking!

Consulting and Investment Banking - Skype with Alumni

MBA Career Connections hosts Skype sessions with alumni during the fall quarter to inform MBA students about the consulting and investment-banking industries. The alumni who participate have experience in these two areas, and may cover such topics as the difference between investment-banking buy-side and sell-side, or the various types of consulting that may be pursued by a Rady MBA student. These Skype sessions allow students to engage with alumni who are involved in consulting and banking, which is enormously helpful to those students interested in pursuing these fields.

Bay Area Trek

In conjunction with the Rady student organizations and the Rady Alumni Association, MBA Career Connections organizes an annual January trek to the San Francisco Bay area, with the intent of informing students about innovative companies, best business practices in those firms, and the ways in which a company's culture and a commitment to innovation grows those organizations. The two-day series of visits culminates with an alumni mixer attended by current Rady students. This is an ideal chance for alumni to host MBA students at their companies, and provides valuable networking opportunities!

Career Panels and Company Presentations

MBA Career Connections hosts several company presentations and career panels based on industry and function. Many of the panelists and presenters from local companies are alumni who want to share their MBA experience, and express how it helped them obtain their current positions. Rady MBA students appreciate these events and understand how the information presented can enhance their careers. These panels also allow for candid conversations about the various roles Rady MBA students can pursue in a variety of industries.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above programs, please contact MBA Career Connections at

Student Clubs

The Rady Student Association works to promote a collaborative, supportive and fun environment. Additionally, the programs created by students provide learning opportunities outside the classroom. These clubs help students broaden their network and their business perspective by inviting successful business leaders, including Rady Alumni, to discuss emerging industries. Student clubs invite alumni to participate in their events and meetings. To be included on the e-mail distribution list, please contact the club leaders directly.

Click here for a list of current student clubs.