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Get Involved

Join a Committee

There are many ways to get involved with the Rady Alumni Association. One way is to join a committee!


Are you a Marketing guru that is passionate about building a strong Rady Alumni community and brand? Become engaged in the RAA Marketing Committee.


Do you enjoy enabling visions with Technology? Join the RAA Technology Committee.

Class Ambassadors

Throughout the Rady MBA Program, did you find yourself coordinating class activities, sharing information, or representing your class to the RSB or Rady Administration? If so, you're a perfect candidate to become an Alumni Class Ambassador!

As a Class Ambassador, you will:

  • Act as a liaison between the Rady Alumni Association and your cohort
  • Serve as a social media agent
  • Share information and proliferate enthusiasm regarding Alumni programming
  • Suggest activity participants to the Rady Alumni Association

Shark Tank

The Shark Tank Committee is bringing together Alumni and Future Alumni for the mother of all job interviews. In just twenty minutes, future alumni will receive a deep dive on what's working and not working in their professional presentation from some of our most successful Alumni!


This event provides candid discussion and insight about Lab to Market. Designed for students, this event shares the first-hand perspective of Rady Alumni, who have the best understanding of the applied value of the L2M education. This includes founding their own startups, launching new products at their current employment, or pivoting themselves into a new field or industry.

Career Insiders

This program is in the early stages of development. The objective of Career Insiders is to provide an accessible means of reaching out for career advice or information to Rady Alumni.

There are two ways to become engaged.

  • Company Insider: Are you in a position to help fellow Alumni learn about the company you work for? Managers and Human Resource professionals are great candidates for Company Insiders. As a Company Insider, you will:
    • Be available to answer inquiries from fellow Alumni regarding your specific organization
    • Engage your HR department by telling the Rady Story and collaborating on potential opportunities that fit well with Rady MBA backgrounds
    • Host small events for Alumni seeking more information about your company or industry
    • Proliferate Rady news and the Rady Alumni brand throughout your organization
  • Functional Expert: If you are revered as an authority in your area of functional specialty, you're a Functional Expert! As a Functional Expert, you will:
    • Be available to answer inquiries from and provide guidance to fellow Alumni regarding your specific function
    • Provide resources and best practices
    • Host small events for Alumni seeking more information about building a career in your function

Your support as a Career Insider will serve to enhance the Rady Alumni network and foster a greater sense of community with regards to career development.

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