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Starting Up

Never Stop Never Stop Never Stop Never Stop

The Rady School of Management encourages entrepreneurship by educating leaders, who will apply their knowledge and skills to forward-thinking organizations.

In Lab to Market (L2M), the signature capstone course series of the Rady MBA program, students learn how to turn ideas into market opportunities. Rady alumni use the knowledge and skills they gain in L2M to bring innovation to the marketplace by transforming established companies and creating viable startups.

We want to share the stories behind the companies Rady alumni have impacted or started, for networking, mentoring or simply sharing war stories about successes and failures. If you have started a company or work at a company founded by a Rady alumnus, please drop us a note at: so we can recognize your talent, your innovative spirit and your support of our motto... Never Stop Starting Up!


  • Abwiz Bio, Inc.
    (CJ Okumura, Ph.D., FlexEvening MBA 2013)
  • Accelerium Clinical Research
    (Ciro Garcia, FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
    Medical Research
  • Ada Developers Academy
    (Elise Worthy, Full-Time MBA 2009)
    High Tech (programming bootcamp)
    (Suman Kanuganti, FlexEvening MBA 2013)
    Consumer Products
  • Alan Investment Company
    (Michael Keplinger, Full-Time MBA 2009)
    Consumer Health Products
  • Alpine Labs
    (Gregory Horvath, Full-Time MBA 2015)
    Consumer Products
  • Andro360
    (Lucas Fornace, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
    Medical Devices
  • Arena Sciences
    (Andrew Ajello, FlexEvening MBA 2013)
    Medical Devices
  • Avitacor, LLC
    (Steve C. Gerken, Ph.D., FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
    Clinical Research
  • Bioinvaders
    (Brett Scott, Full-Time MBA 2009)
  • Boom Social
    (Andrew Blaisdell, Terry Williamson, Full-Time MBA 2011)
  • Boomerang Cast
    (Argun Rai, FlexWeekend MBA 2009)
  • Brandworthy
    (Elise Worthy, Full-Time MBA 2009)
  • CardKive
    (Neil Puri, FlexEvening MBA 2015)
  • CB Therapeutics
    (Sher Butt, Full-Time MBA 2016)
  • China Business Partners
    (Hong Ma, Full-Time MBA 2009)
  • Classy Career Girl
    (Anna Runyan, FlexWeekend MBA 2011)
    Consumer Services
  • Christel Smith Art
    (Christel Smith, Full-Time MBA 2015)
    Consumer Products
  • Christianson Investment Properties
    (Nils Christianson, FlexWeekend MBA 2009)
  • CloudBeds
    (Richard Castle, FlexWeekend MBA 2013)
    Consumer Services/Products
  • Cluster Wireless, LLC
    (Thomas O'Neill)
  • CODE Fluidics
    (Zeyad Moussa, FlexEvening MBA 2010)
    Product Development
  • CollaborationBase
    (Andrew Dennis, Full-Time MBA 2017)
  • Counterpoint Asset Management, LLC
    (Michael Krause, Full-Time MBA 2012)
    Consumer Services
  • Crypteron, Inc.
    (Siddarth Shetye, FlexEvening MBA 2010)
    Consumer Products
  • Curtana Pharmaceuticals, Inc
    (Gregory Stein, FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
    Life Sciences
  • Cut Right/Rapid Rehydration
    (Ross MacBaisey, Full-Time MBA 2015)
    Consumer Products
  • Cypher Genomics, Inc.
    (Ashley Van Zeeland, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
    Life Sciences
  • Dermala Inc.
    (Lada Rasochova, FlexWeekend MBA 2008)
  • Domuso, Inc.
    (Michael Lightfoot, Full-Time MBA 2009)
  • ecoATM
    (Drew Spaventa, Full-Time MBA 2010)
    Green Technology
  • Econ Evidence
    (Brett Blazys, FlexEvening MBA 2014)
  • Eek
    (Mike Kirkwood, FlexWeekend MBA 2007)
  • En Blox Hotels
    (Alan Barba, FlexWeekend MBA 2013)
  • Englue
    (Jeff Chang, FlexWeekend MBA 2014)
    High Tech
  • Epitracker
    (Eric Venn-Watson, FlexEvening MBA 2010)
    Medical Data Analysis
  • Euspec
    (Sam Chi, Full-Time MBA 2011)
  • Everybody Solar
    (Co-founder: Kian Salehizadeh, FlexWeekend MBA 2011)
    Clean Technology
  • ExCimex
    (Simon Bailey, Ph.D., Kenzie Judge, Kevin Lai, Ph.D. and Jim Panknin, FlexWeekend MBA 2011)
    Consumer Services
  • Executive Oil Services (EOS)
    (Loren Chang, Full-Time MBA 2014, Andrew Zorko, Full-Time MBA 2014)
    Consumer Services
  • Factor Technologies
  • Fertility Tomorrow
    (Catherine Welch, FlexWeekend MBA 2007)
    Consumer Services
  • Fibonacci Fine Arts
    (Robert Benson, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
    Consumer Products
  • Florealis
    (Karl Gudmundsson, FlexWeekend MBA 2009)
    Consumer Products
    (Vlad Kroutik, Full-Time MBA 2008)
    Consumer Products
  • Gas Plus Vending
    (Ben Folkers, Full-Time MBA, 2011)
    Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Genrix (formerly Insilico Scientific)
    (Andrew LeBlanc, FlexEvening MBA 2015)
  • Ginger Shots
    (Zeyad Moussa, FlexEvening MBA 2010)
    Consumer Products
  • Go Green Agriculture
    (Pierre Sleiman, FlexWeekend MBA 2013)
    Green Technology
  • Guru
    Consumer Services
  • Handwrittn
    (Michael Dobransky, Full-Time MBA 2011)
  • Happiness 100
    (Jackie Lu, Full-Time MBA 2012)
    Consumer Products
  • Hera Labs
    (Silvia Mah, FlexWeekend MBA 2010)
  • Hummingbird
    (Ian Lucas, FlexEvening MBA 2015)
  • Hydroceuticals
    (Rajdeep Sidhu, Full-Time MBA 2015)
  • Iceskimo
    (Robert Yang, Flex Weekend MBA 2010)
    Consumer Products
    (Igor Rozhkov, Full-Time MBA 2011)
  • Inogen, Inc.
    (Byron Myers FlexWeekend MBA 2010)
    Medical Devices
  • Install Metrix
    (Marvin Young)
  • Interra Energy, LLC
    (Thomas Del Monte, FlexEvening MBA 2010)
    Clean Technology
  • JMI Sports
    (Erik Judson, 2006)
  • Kill the Cup
    (Drew Beal, Mike Taylor, Full-Time MBA 2013)
  • Kub Asset Advisory
    (Elaine Kub, Full-Time MBA 2007)
  • La Jolla Research
    (Anne Severtson Shah, FlexWeekend MBA 2015)
  • Lab Fellows
    (Julio DeUnamuno, FlexWeekend MBA 2014)
  • Lifewellness Institute
    (Quan Campbell, Flex Weekend MBA 2008)
  • Lumena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (Ciara Kennedy, Niall O'Donnell, FlexWeekend MBA 2006 and Turner Jenkins, Full-Time MBA 2008)
    Life Sciences
  • Mari Ann Silk
    (Mary Kiang, Full-Time MBA 2010)
    Consumer Products
  • McCollum Orchards, LLC
    (Rich Woodbridge, Full-Time MBA 2009)
    Consumer Products
  • McNamara Real Estate Ventures
    (Keegan McNamara, FlexEvening MBA 2010)
    Commercial Real Estate
  • MDMBA Consulting, LLC
    (Royan Kamyar, M.D., Full-Time MBA 2010)
  • Memx Biosciences, LLC 
    (Puneet Souda and Marie Zhang, FlexWeekend MBA 2009) Life Sciences
  • MicroStem
    (Thomas Fellner, Jessica Wei, Justin Bingham, Marie Zhang FlexWeekend MBA 2009)
  • nPruv, Inc. 
    (Brad Pruitt, M.D., Full-Time MBA 2011)
    Healthcare Information Technology
  • One 776 Strategy
    (Malia Kuss, Full-Time MBA 2009)
    (Rob Hastings and Ron Luning, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
    Consumer Services
  • Opus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (Gregory Stein FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
    Life Sciences
  • Owaves
    (Royan Kamyar, M.D., Full-Time MBA 2010)
  • Pacific Surf Designs
    (Richard Alleshouse, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
  • Page 90, Inc.
    (Forrest Wright, Full-Time MBA 2007)
  • Palate Home
    (Mark Wachtler, Full-Time MBA 2012)
    Consumer Electronics
  • Palate Smart Grill
    (Eric Norman, Full-Time MBA 2012)
    Consumer Electronics
  • Pet Wireless
    (Alex Treiner, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
    Medical Devices
  • Popily
    (Vidya Spandana, Full-Time MBA 2008)
  • Precision Prognostics
  • Preston Ventures
    (Jonathan Brooks, FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
  • ProTXCol
    (Ron Barrett, FlexWeekend MBA 2008)
    Professional Treatment & Collaboration
  • Prucor
    (Brad Pruitt, M.D., Full-Time MBA 2011)
  • Qualitonomy
    (Greg Asbagh, FlexWeekend MBA 2016)
  • Radycal, LLC
    Ken Harris, FlexWeekend MBA 2008
    Management Consulting
  • Realstir
    (Haytham Allos, FlexWeedend MBA 2006)
  • Reflexion Health/strong>
    Adam Evans, FlexWeekend MBA 2014
    Health IT
  • RIFT Biotherapeutics
    Cory Bentley, FlexEvening MBA 2010
  • San Diego Global Vision Academy
    (Ken Harris, FlexWeekend MBA 2008)
    Public Charter School
  • ServicePair
    Consumer Services
  • SICdrone
    (Daniel Bosch, FlexEvening MBA, 2015)
    Consumer Products
  • Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association
    Sarah Feldman, Full-Time MBA 2015
  • Skylit Medical
    (Martyn Gross, FlexEvening MBA 2015)
    Medical Devices
  • SmashBrand
    (Michael Keplinger, Full-Time MBA 2009)
    Service Branding and Design Agency
  • Social Ventures for Sustainability
    (Drew Beal and Mike Taylor, Full-Time MBA 2013)
  • Sova Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (Gregory Stein, M.D., FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
  • Sow Experience
    (Ichizo Yamamoto, FlexWeekend MBA 2014)
    Consumer Services
  • Sterlings Mobile Barber Co.
    (Kush Kapila, FlexWeekend MBA 2010)
    Consumer Services
  • Style Lullaby
    (Sharon Wu, 2012)
  • Sun Lever Corp.
    (Owen Smith, FlexWeekend MBA 2011)
  • SymbiOx
    (Anil Sadarangani, FlexEvening MBA 2015 and Andres Volker, FlexEvening MBA 2013)
  • Syte Gear
    (Joseph Young, Full-Time MBA 2009)
    Consumer Products
  • tab32
    (Joe Aquilina, Rooz Golshani and Kiltesh Patel, FlexEvening MBA 2013)
  • Talent Crew
  • Teango Technologies
    Alexandar Boone, Full-Time MBA 2017
    Consumer Prducts
  • Tear Film Innovations
    Kabir Gambhir, FlexWeekend MBA 2010
  • Tetac, Inc.
    (Mark Benson, FlexWeekend MBA 2012)
    Consumer Products, Services
  • The College Investor LLC
    (Robert Farrington, FlexWeekend MBA 2009)
    Consumer Services
  • The Nicholas Conor Institute
    (Beth Anne Baber, FlexWeekend MBA 2009)
    Medical Research
  • Tuturoomii
  • Two Like You
    David Lorber, FlexWeekend MBA 2006
  • Vascularis
    (Steven C. Gerken, Ph.D., FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
    Medical Diagnostics
  • VEG
    David Lorber, FlexWeekend MBA 2016
    Consumer Products
  • Viaway
    (Vlad Kroutik, Full-Time MBA 2008)
    Consumer Services
  • Wholesome Solutions
    (Bhavita Mehta, Full-Time MBA 2010)
    Market Research
  • Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (Steven Prestrelski, FlexWeekend MBA 2006)
    Life Sciences